Best Women’s Squash Shoes To Buy

These Women's Squash Shoes are fast paced unique combination of lightweight, cushioning and stability that instantly has become a favourite among athletes. While these shoes maintain very good durability, they also have a lightweight and low-to-the-ground design that help to make you feel faster and more connected to the court. Overall, these indoor court shoes ...

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Best Junior’s Squash Shoes

These Junior's Squash Shoes ensure incredible comfort and breathability for youngsters while playing the squash. They are an ideal shoe for professionals or the ones who want to become one. With new technologies, it offers maximum speed and comfort. A shoe that just goes with every movement. It is also suitable for all other Hall ...

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Best Junior Squash Racquets to Enhance Young Players Game and Skills

For the player looking for the ultimate combination of power and control. These Junior Squash Racquets specifically adapted to both the top athlete and the club player. These junior racquets are tailored for the young player looking for power, stability, and comfort. The Best Junior Squash Racquets to Enhance Young Players Game and Skills [amalinkspro type="showcase" asin="B072YTJP24" ...

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Best Squash Strings

Superior combination of durability and playability in Squash Strings. It is for optimum ball control and excellent resiliency in all racquets. Also, its micro-composite fibers provide high resiliency for increased power, while the polyurethane in the string reduces shock during ball impact. The Best Squash Strings for Resiliency in all Squash Racquets [amalinkspro type="showcase" asin="B002ZY4F7I" apilink="https://www.amazon.com/dp/B002ZY4F7I?tag=winningsquash-20&linkCode=osi&th=1&psc=1" new-window="true" ...

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HEAD Squash Racquets is Ideal for Club as well as Advanced Players

The HEAD Squash Racquets are for players with very accurate shot placement. Their thin beam is much more aerodynamic for closer shots and better retrieval once the ball hugs the wall. The weight redistribution of HEAD's technology combines speed and maneuverability without losing any accuracy. Head Squash Racquet enables a redistribution of weight compared to ...

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Tecnifibre Squash Racquets For More Stability And Power

The Tecnifibre Squash Racquet is the choice of Mohamed Elshorbagy. The Tecnifibre Squash Racquets have been the best selling racquets for years now because it is fast to play with, powerful and forgiving as well. The range was created for players at the top level and club players who wanted a product that follows the ...

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Best Dunlop Squash Racquets

The Dunlop Squash Racquet is handcrafted with a teardrop design for enhanced power whilst maintaining torsional stability through a small bridge in the throat area. The frame of dunlop squash racquet provides players of all levels lightweight power capability with an element of control. The racquets are constructed with graphite and new technology. The Best Squash ...

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Sweat Bands for Men

Are you tired of sweat in your eyes during your squash game? Or do you want your team to be more professional and outpace the competition? Yes, we have a perfect solution for you. With high-quality sports sweat bands, there will be no more sweat in your eyes and wrists. You can focus on your ...

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The Best Squash Racquets Under $100

Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or skilled player, you can get your game on with Pro Impact. Designed to improve your game, these squash racquets allow for fast, accurate, and flexible play to accommodate all skill levels. Offering a perfect combination of power and control, these squash racquets+ will deliver consistent performance on the court. The ...

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Best Squash Racquet Grips

Get a good grip on the game with Squash Racquet Grips Wrap. These wraps offer ultimate hold on sport accessories while also remaining comfortable for long games. Overgrip texture ensures that you won't start fumbling when you start sweating in the times that matter most. These wraps are simple to apply with long-lasting adhesive and ...

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