ASICS Men’s Gel-Blade 7

Built for comfort balance and performance, perfect for court games like Squash, badminton, or any other game played on an artificial surface.

Provides perfect bounce and cushioning, light on the foot these shoes are built to withstand pressure and provides ankle support that arises from constant running and jumping

  • Stylish, Comfortable, and Light Weight
  • EVA midsole for bounce and cushioning
  • Superior breathability for long sessions of play insured by mesh insole and ORTHOLITE sock liner
  • Removable sock liner can be replaced with orthotics for support
  • Traditional lacing to insure optimal fitting
  • GEL technology to the rear provides comfort, cushioning to your feet for loon secessions of play


  • Superior cushioning and breathability
  • Replaceable sockliner
  • Light weight


  • Expansive
  • Generally out of stock due to high demand


Mishansha Men’s Court Sports shoes

Designed basis market demand and current trends these shoes are designed for style and comfort, the design of the shoe is ergonomic which is according to the curved ankle design suitable for a court player. Perfect for Court games like badminton, tennis, volleyball, basketball, squash, indoor court, racquetball, trail, running, jogging, walking. These shoes are a perfect blend of style and fit, combined with elastic MD midsole and non-slip rubber outsole. Enhance traction and shock absorption in the court while playing long duration game or training in the gym.

  • Rubber sole for superior grip in the court
  • Laced up for better fitting
  • Synthetic leather with breathable mesh fabric, keep airflow and feet dry
  • Skin-friendly inner shoe material, for a soft touch
  • Cushioning, shock-absorbent soft on the heel, Anti-slip, wear-resistant


  • Stylish and vibrant color patterns
  • Superior breathability and cushioning
  • Curved ankle designed to provide additional comfort and fit


  • Griping of the shoe more suitable for rough texture courts like tennis court
  • Limited color options


Salming Viper 3.0 – Men’s Squash Shoe

The Salming Viper as the name suggest derives inspiration from the stability, agility, and strength of a viper, designed to deliver top-class performance on the court these shoe are lightweight and breathable. The unique Exoskeleton provides a great fit and keeps the foot in the right position during lateral movements. These are absolutely no-nonsense shoes meant for high performance

  • The outsole has an extra sticky compound to maximize performance on any indoor court
  • The exoskeleton design stabilizes the foot for lateral movements and reduces pressure at the Metatarsophalangeal joints
  • Breathability and heel comfort
  • The shoe is equipped with greater flexibility to stimulate the foot’s natural movements
  • To stabilize and fixate the heel, Salming has developed a new anatomical Ergo Heel Cup that is slightly longer than the average heel cup


  • Designed to reduce pressure on the joints
  • Great fit for any feet type
  • Flexible; light and breathable


  • Low availability due to high demand
  • Limited color options as designers have concentrated more on performance



Salming Men’s Hawk Squash Shoes

Hawk is another indoor court shoe design for high performance, built for speed and agility the shoes are great in comfort, equipped with cushioning compound featured in the heel impact zone designed to reduce impact forces. Lightweight and flexible with softly padded collar and tongue. The outsole has an extra sticky compound to maximize performance on any indoor court

  • Fully integrated ExoSkeleton connects the lacing system for support and stabilizes the midfoot.
  • Heel designed with special cushioning compound to reduce the impact
  • Reinforced heel for stability and flexibility
  • Removable Insole to replace with orthotics for support


  • Designed to withstand continuous and extended sessions of workout
  • Great for playing court games like Volleyball, squash, etc.
  • Great design, comfortable, stylish


  • Expansive
  • Laces may be a little shorter for some but do the work anyway


HEAD Men’s Sonic 2000 MID

The HEAD shoes are made for players who want to enhance and increase speed and reflex on the court, the shoes are lightweight and breathable yet extremely comfortable and soft on the heels and toes. The new Delta Straps and TPU heel counter keep your foot in place during slides and rallies on even the toughest/ hardest court.

  • Designed for speed and comfort
  • Non marking gum Rubber Sole, solid grip on any court
  • HEAD Heel Energy frame support
  • Shoe weight 11.6 oz for size 10.5


  • Lightweight
  • Designed for marathon play sessions and speed
  • Perfect for all surfaces hard, soft, cement, wooden


  • Limited color options


Mishansha Men’s Squash Shoes

These shoes are designed for style and statement, vibrant colors make you stand out in the court, high on style and performance. The shoes are breathable and athletic these are excellent for running, Tennis, Badminton, volleyball, casual walking, or wearing throughout the day

  • Uniquely designed lace-up shoes with a padded tongue to ensure comfort and fitting
  • Superior support and protection on the feet and heels
  • Breathable and soft on skin inner shoe material


  • Lightweight, bendable rubber sole
  • Stylish and comfortable, shock-absorbent
  • Mid High shoe mouth for ankle protection
  • Multi-specialty shoe for running, playing tennis or squash or any court game


It Maybe out of stock due to demand


Salming Men’s Kobra Mid 2 Squash Indoor Court Sports Shoe

This shoe is a trendsetter setting new rules in the indoor court shoe industry, designed for performance this one of the best-looking shoes in the circuit, good-looking and dependable. The material in the midsole is a newly developed compound named RECOIL ERF – Energy Rebound Foam – which is a super lightweight cushioning compound that releases a higher rebound energy effect. The newly developed rubber compound used for the outer sole offers the best possible grip on all indoor surfaces

  • This is everything you want in shoes breathability, cushioning, durability, agility
  • Has a higher shoe upper construction and lengthened lacing area that creates additional comfort and stability
  • An increased radius on the inner side of the outer sole facilitates rolling the foot inwards and toe push off


  • Lightweight, superior cushioning, and stability
  • The durable lightweight rubber compound
  • Superior grip on any indoor surface court


  • Expansive


Buying Guide to your perfect pair of shoes

Amongst the many small things in our day to day life that we need not be troublesome and should be absolutely almost perfect every day but have no control over the same a perfectly blended cup of black coffee in the morning, finding a near-empty street while on the way to the office, finding my favorite seat vacant in the café and a perfect pair of shoe to take me through all this every day.

There is nothing that makes me happier and ready to face the day than being able to slip into a comfortable pair of shoes and knowing that there is one thing less to worry about and that is the comfort of my feet.

A perfect pair of shoe easier to desire but hard to find, it takes a rigorous selection process, fighting with temptations of stylish designs and discounts, good and bad past experiences all coming together at once to make that perfect buy, but how indeed does one select the right pair of shoe to do the job, here we are going to give you our tried and tested recipe secret for the best pair of shoe

The first steps towards finding the right shoe are to first distinguish the purpose for which you want the shoe, this can be broadly divided into the below:

  • Running Shoe
  • For Road (hard plain surface)
  • For ground or track ( grass or mud soft uneven surface)
  • Tracking shoe/ Hiking shoe
  • Shoes for Speciality Sports
  • Court games like volleyball shoes, basketball shoes, badminton shoes, squash shoes, etc.
  • Grass court like ( Long Tennis shoe )
  • Football or soccer Shoes
  • Dailey ware shoes for all-day use at office/work

While selecting a good pair or of running shoes you must first consider the kind of surface you are going to run on, and accordingly, the choice needs to be made. Generally according to any activity the most important points to consider are

  • The overall weight of the shoe
  • The cushioning on the heels and the toe
  • The grooving pattern on the outer sole.

As a rule of thumb, the first thing to evaluate is the weight of the shoe, it has to be light on your foot something that you can put on and becomes the part of your body.

If you usually run on the road (hard surface) then it is advised to choose a shoe with a good amount of cushioning as you will be hitting against a hard surface and this may cause fatigue or increase chances of injury on the ankles and the heels.

If your sports activity is on a grass court or field you may choose to have a shoe that has low or no cushioning as the texture of the surface is soft and this allows you to feel closer to the ground

For trekking or hiking, it goes without saying that the shoe has to light, good cushioning throughout, excellent grip, soft inner shoe material and good ankle protection as this kind of activity involves foot interaction with uneven, rocky surfaces

It is also advised to choose lace-up shoes for any kind of sports activity, you can choose a strap on shoes in case the purpose of buying the shoe is for office or normal all-day wearing purpose

Apart from the above mentioned some important points to keep in mind for a perfect fit are:

Know the exact length of booth your foot, it is observed that there is a slight difference between the sizes of both the foot so you may want to try out one size bigger or smaller depending on whichever make you more comfortable, one advise here is to measure your feet in the evening rather than in the morning as the feet tend to swell up a little and are at the largest during the evening

Always try on a shoe with socks on this gives you an exact idea of the size

Always buy a shoe size in which you are able to move your toe a little, there shall always be some breathing space between the toe and the lining of the shoe.

The shoe should be comfortable from the first time you put it on, there is nothing like it will adjust to the feet with time, and you must always try the shoe with proper lacing.

No 2 brands have the same size, for example, a size 8.5 for one brand of shoe may not be the same on some other brand, and the sizes may also differ from one style to another on the same brand.

Hope these tips will help in finding the best shoes to accompany you while running, playing squash, or just get through the day, for any other advice or suggestions please comment.

Python Wide (EE) Width Indoor Mid Racquetball (Squash, Indoor Pickleball, Badminton, Volleyball) Shoe (White; Size 9.5)       Python Wide (EE) Width Indoor Mid Racquetball (Squash, Indoor Pickleball, Badminton, Volleyball) Shoe (Black; Size 9.5)          Mizuno Men's Wave Momentum Mid Volleyball Shoe, blacksilver, 8.5 D US           ASICS Men's Volley Elite FF MT Volleyball Shoe, Black/Dark Grey/White, 8 Medium US



  • Are any court shoes good to play squash?
  • The shoes for playing squash are footwear designed specifically to fulfill the requirements of the game. Even though they are somewhat similar to shoes designed for other hard-court indoor games like handball or volleyball, but they also have some unique features which set them aside for squash:
    1. Lateral support to stop you from sleeping
    2. A sole designed for fast turns and ‘sticky’ grip
    3. Highly durable soles and outers
    4. Cushioning distributed throughout the foot
    5. Extremely lightweight
  • Can I use my squash shoes for grass-court games like tennis or football?
  • NO – The outer grip of the shoes is designed to support movement on a hard surface (court) which may be made of concrete or wood, however, tennis or football shoes are made for grip and movement on grass or clay or mud court. A shoe specifically designed for squash may not provide you comfort and confidence while playing a grass-court game.
  • Why can’t I play squash with my all-purpose running sports shoes?
  • NO – the sports of Squash involve rapid movements from front to back and side to side in a small congested space. Shoes designed for general fitness or running do not offer the kind of support your feet and joints require for playing on a hard court like that of squash. This puts you at risk of an ankle injury or slipping and sliding while playing in a pair of shoes not meant for a court game.
  • Can badminton shoes be used for squash?
  • Yes – the courts on which badminton and squash are played are similar in the sense that both of these are hard surfaces and the game also requires very similar movements and types of footwork, which means the kinds of requirements from the shoes are essentially the same. Unless you are somebody who is pursuing a full-time professional career and trying to find an edge over the other players, you will be fine using your badminton shoes to play squash.
  • What shall be the first preference while picking a Squash shoe’s speed or stability?
  • This is a very subjective question and depends primarily on the preference of the squash player. Everyone according to their own physical capabilities looks for different qualities in their shoes that compliments or fulfill their shortcomings.

The choice for a particular kind of feature in a shoe may also depend on the kind of gameplay strategy that one likes to play by 

Stability for power: If your game is more about power and keeping your opponent off balance, you’ll need a particular set of features in your shoes:

  • Stability and support for a well-planted feel for quick turns and short sprints
  • Impact protection for jerks that the feet will have to take while take-offs and landings
  • A comfortable fit to keep you feeling confident throughout the match

Speed for covering the court: If your style of play is primarily athleticism and speed then you require shoes that have the following attributes

  • Elevated levels of responsiveness to aid speed and agility
  • Optimal traction to grip the court and help with sudden shifts in direction
  • A large pivot point on the sole to promote more efficient and aggressive turns
  • A snug fit to ensure that all your power is put down on the court



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