Squash is a popular sport in many countries of the world. There are approximately 135 squash-playing nations and 15 million players. Squash is a game played in a small dimension court with two people, swinging racquets on a small ball potentially traveling at a speed in excess of 200 km/hour, with the ability to penetrate the eye socket this contributes to a high risk of eye injury. As a fact squash has been reported as one of the highest-ranked sports associated with eye injuries. 

Any possibility of an eye-related injury related to squash can be easily prevented by wearing protective eyewear specialized for the game of squash. These eyewear are made of standard approved polycarbonate material wearing any other eye protection can be lethal as most of the prescription lens material can splinter on impact which can further increase the risk of an injury. A survey suggests that only 10% of the players make use of the eye guard actually approved for the game this may be due to the lack of information about the same.

One recent incident related to eye injury while playing squash happened during a National Championships match between England captain Daryl Selby and Ollie Pett. Selby was hit by the ball in the right eye that spun off the frame of ollie’s racket. Selby was taken to hospital in Nottingham and an examination showed internal bruising to the eye but no sign of a detached retina. The next day, Selby sported a pair of goggles for his quarter-final tie against George Parker.