Whether you are a professional or a novice, you may require a few tips to improve your squash game.

When training

Find yourself a good coach to give you lessons (preferably someone who has played for at least five years), someone you trust and with whom you work well.

Warm-up before you begin to play. You can do this by jogging and stretching, anything to warm up your muscles and increase your heart rate. Also, make sure to visualize yourself playing a game while working out.

Always wear squash shoes. There are special shoes designed specifically for squash players that provide you with durability, grip, and added stability to provides you with the traction you need while on the court.

Choose your racquet with care and consideration. The proper shoes and appropriate racquet are the two most important tools for playing the game.

Spend some time watching videos of professional squash games. Pay particular attention to the moves and techniques the pros use. You will also find yourself motivated by watching stars in the field.

Practice! This means giving yourself the opportunity to be on the court at least three times a week. You can train with a friend, take lessons, or actually play a real game.


Keep yourself aerobically fit. You can improve your condition by swimming, cycling, or running.

Use specific exercises like leg squats and lunges to strengthen your hips and upper legs. You will also want to focus on keeping your stomach, torso, and back strong. Focus on the bench press to strengthen your arms, shoulders, and back; the leg press to strengthen your quads and hamstrings; the military press to strengthen your arms and shoulders, and perform incline crunches to strengthen your abdominal muscles. You can also include sit-ups, pull-ups, and push-ups in your regular training regime.

Keep active by playing other sports as well. Basketball and soccer are good options.

Stay flexible. Great squash players are able to use their own flexibility to cover the squash court in large distances with a single stride.

Avoid smoking and drinking.

You may also want to consider weight loss supplements such as fiber-based products to control food urges and make you feel full.

You will also want to stay mentally fit. Squash requires an intense amount of concentration. Practicing yoga will provide you with the required flexibility and muscle tone you need while acting physically on the court, but it also aids in concentration. You can help your mental fortitude by making sure to get plenty of rest. Listen to your body.  If you’re feeling aches and pains, treat them to avoid injuries that will prevent you from continuing to play the game.  Above all stay positive during the game. Don’t focus on the negative aspects or wrong calls made by a referee. Even if you are a squash novice, believe in yourself. With all your preparation, both mental and physical, and your continued practice, you will undoubtedly love the challenge that squash provides.