It’s not always easy to know what gifts to get your family and friends. Most adults buy what they need for themselves. They’re not that great at dropping hints that will help you to figure out what to get them. But if you have some idea of what your loved ones are interested in. Then you should be able to come up with some great ideas for items that they want; but that they might not necessarily buy for themselves. And if you are racking your brain to come up with something special for a person that happens to enjoy a game of squash now and again, you can easily play into that interest with a few fantastic gifts. Here are some options to help you get started.

Squash racquet bag

Although your squash loving friend may already have a gym bag to house his gear.  You can help him protect an expensive racquet by getting a bag; that is specifically designed with a compartment for this pricy item. Many come with pockets for balls, clothing, shoes, water bottles, and other necessities in addition to a padded pocket that is shaped to cradle a squash racquet. So this could be a truly useful gift for anyone who enjoys a good game of squash.

Protective gear

Goggles, gloves, pads, and other protective gear could be the difference between your friend walking off the court and being carried out on a gurney. You may scoff at the prospect of a serious injury in a game of squash. But you wouldn’t be laughing if you got hit in the face by a hard rubber ball traveling at high speed. Or you slipped and landed on an unprotected elbow. Protective gear might not be sexy, but neither is a broken nose or a full-arm cast.

Sporting goods gift certificate

Some people consider cash to be tacky. But if you really don’t know what your friend might like you certainly don’t want to waste your money. Instead, hand over a gift certificate to a sporting goods store like Dick’s, Big 5, or Sports Authority; so your friend can at least get some court shoes or goggles. Or if you’re looking for squash-specific gear, go for an online outlet like,, or even Amazon, all of which carry racquets, shoes, accessories, and virtually anything a squash player could want on the court.


Playing hard can be exhilarating, but once the adrenaline wears off the aches and pains could set in. So instead of offering your friend a product related to his game of choice, provide an experience instead, one that involves an hour or more of pain reduction and pampering.

Club membership

This could be a bit on the pricy side, but for the friend that has it all a membership at a local racquetball club could be just the ticket. You can save your gift bags for next time and simply present him with his membership card so he can start down the path to unlimited fun and fitness post haste. Maybe he’ll even return the favor by bringing you along on a guest pass!


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