As you may have discovered, squash is not exactly a cheap sport to take up. While the balls won’t set you back much, everything else can cost you major money, from a racquet and court shoes to goggles and apparel (and of course, there’s the cost of membership at a gym that has squash courts). But if you’d like to get outfitted for this fun sport for less, there are ways to find everything you’ll need at discount prices. Here are just a few options that you can look into.

Sporting goods stores (or racquet sport pro shops)

In general, this is one of the pricier places to look for equipment, but you really can’t beat the selection you’ll find in a shop devoted to sporting goods (for not only equipment but apparel, as well). Plus, those that want top-of-the-line gear that is brand new will find what they’re looking for. The trick is to maximize your savings by waiting for sales, using coupons, and checking with their online store to find out if they have any special deals on the pieces you want (or if they offer promo codes that aren’t available in stores). You might still pay more than some other options, but this is a good way to get the high-end equipment you crave without paying top dollar.

Online sports outlets

There are all kinds of ways to save when shopping online, and you can look for outlets aimed at both sports enthusiasts in general and squash players in particular. It’s easy enough to find deals on the gear you’re looking for by simply doing a search for “discount squash equipment”. You’ll find plenty of websites devoted to offering the racquets, balls, and apparel you’re seeking for less than retail. Or if you’re not particular about anything but the racquet, for instance, you can find apparel (sweats, shoes, etc.) for a lot less at any number of clothing outlets.

Used sporting goods store

If you have a “play-it-again” type sports store in your area, it could be a good option for finding gently used squash equipment for less. These shops tend to carry an assortment of second-hand equipment for all manner of sports and while you may end up with items that are slightly worn, the bargain price could make a little wear and tear worthwhile.


The problem with this classified site is that it can be truly overwhelming, so when you search you’d better have something specific in mind. That said, you can find some amazing deals on everything you’ll need to get squash-court ready, and in most cases, you can get it very close to home and at a fraction of the cost of new.

Yard sales

Whether you live in Little Rock or Long Beach garage sales may be just the ticket for fantastically priced sports gear of all types. Sure it may not be in pristine condition, but on the whole, it will cost you significantly less to purchase and repair it (add some new tape to a racquet grip, for example) than it will buy brand new equipment.


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